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  1. 115/2011
    Sent October 25th 2011 6:09p.m.

    115/2011 Carmelite Information 115/2011 Electoral Chapter of the Monastery of Batu, Indonesia The Elective Chapter of the Carmelite Monastery of Batu, Indonesia, was held 28 September 2011. The following were elected: Prioress: Sr. M...

  2. 114/2011
    Sent October 23rd 2011 6:16p.m.

    114/2011 Carmelite Information 114/2011 Regional Bursars Meeting, Tagaytay City, Philippines 17-22 October 2011 The second regional bursars meeting was held in the Carmelite Missionary Retreat House, Tagaytay City, Philippines on 17-22 Oc...

  3. 113/2011
    Sent October 23rd 2011 2:14p.m.

    113/2011 Carmelite Information 113/2011 *The Titus Brandsma Award, Philippines *Broadcast journalist Kara David and veteran writer-educator Asunción Maramba are this year’s recipients of the Titus Brandsma Award, a biennial recognition fo...

  4. 112/2011
    Sent October 22nd 2011 8:40a.m.

    112/2011 Carmelite Information 112/2011 *VITAM COELO REDDIDERUNT * * Ortus P. Temp. P. Soll. Ord. * 13-10-11 *Sr. M. Rita Mu...

  5. 107/2011
    Sent October 5th 2011 8:36a.m.

    107/2011 Carmelite Information 107/2011 VITAM COELO REDDIDIT Ortus P. Temp. P. Soll. Ord. 04-10-11 *P. Joachim Smet*, (PCM...

  6. 106/2011
    Sent October 4th 2011 9:28p.m.

    106/2011 Carmelite Information 106/2011 CAUSA NOSTRAE LETITIAE September 2011 Initium Novitiatus 29-07-11 Romanus Maksimus Redo (Indo), Nita, Flores 29-07-11 Mariano Puken (Indo), Nita, Flores 29-07-11 Eusebius R...

  7. 105/2011
    Sent October 3rd 2011 10:48a.m.

    105/2011 Carmelite Information 105/2011 A New Edition of Purchased People, the Pastoral Letter of Bishop Donal Lamont O.Carm. Last September 29th, in the Pontifical University of Comillas in Madrid, a Spanish translation of the pastoral ...

  8. 104/2011
    Sent September 21st 2011 5:36p.m.

    104/2011 Carmelite Information 104/2011 *General Congregation MMXI - Final Message *The General Congregation MMXI took place at Mount Carmel Spiritual Center, Niagara Falls, Canada, from September 5th to 16th, 2011. The theme of the meeti...

  9. 103/2011
    Sent September 20th 2011 2:46p.m.

    103/2011 Carmelite Information 103/2011 VITAM COELO REDDIDERUNT Ortus P. Temp. P. Soll. Ord. 17-09-11 *P.* *C...

  10. 102/2011
    Sent September 19th 2011 4:51p.m.

    102/2011 Carmelite Information 102/2011 *A New Chapel dedicated to Blessed Titus *On the 15th of September, following the reading of the final message, which will be published in citoc-online in the next few days in the three official lan...

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